Agent is Installed but not Running


The Genian Agent is showing as installed in the "Programs" section of an endpoint but it is not shown as running in the processes or services. It is not the shown as installed in the Web Console.


The Genian Agent sends a keep-alive packet to the Policy Server once every two minutes to let you know its operational status.

The policy server changes the agent's operation status to "no action" by default when it does not receive the keep-alive packet from the Genian Agent for 10 minutes.

The following situations can break the installation of the agent and render it inoperable:

  1. Proper installation of agent is not possible due to hard disk problems. there may be associated error logs in the Web Console for Data Corruption.
  2. An agent deployed via GPO may partially uninstall due to Node policy settings for "Deleting Agent Not Running"


Check Node Policy Settings for Agent Deletion

  • Navigate to the last known node identity for the device, and check the "Deleting Agent Not Running" setting for the node. If the node has not been detected by the policy server for longer than the time sepcified, the agent has been uninstalled. The program registry itself preserved upon the agents deletion in GPO Deployments.

Check Agent File Integrity Logs

  • Check the main Web Console Logs section for Agent Data Corruption
  • Use the Syscollect function on the Policy Server to send info to Genians engineers.
  • Obtain logs from Agent and send to Genians engineers.

See: Genian NAC log collection method

Reinstall Agent

  • In all cases, reinstalling the agent (Standard Install or GPO based) has the potential to fully restore the agents function.
  • If data corruption problems persist, check your operating system and device hardware, and contact Genians Support.