Configuring Wireless Access Control

Genian NAC has features aimed at addressing the most common concerns relating to wireless network administration.

Detecting Rogue Access Points

Rogue access points within your networks, can be easily identified, and blocked. Any devices and users associated with use of the rogue access point can also be identified.

Unauthorized Network Connections

The wireless sensor is capable of detecting when devices connect to an SSID that does not belong to your organization. This makes it easy to block devices that may have been compromised and easily identify users who are breaking device usage policies.

A nodes connected SSID can be seen in the Node Management window, the WLAN Management window or in the Logs section.

Both Rogue Access Points and Unauthorized Connections can by identified in the following locations:

SSID Whitelisting

Using information collected about SSIDs in your area, you can create an SSID whitelist. Through use of the endpoint agent (Windows), connections to any SSID not on the white list can be disabled.


Wlan Client Provisioning

By configuring the connection settings for your preferred wireless networks on the Policy Server, the correct network configuration can be automatically distributed to end user devices through use of the endpoint agent (Windows).