Configuring Log Options

You can configure options about when Logs are generated and what additional info may be recorded, such as nodes, host names, node platforms, and node descriptions.

  1. Connect to the Web Console.
  2. Go to the Preferences > General > Log menu.

Remarks Column Elements

  1. In the Logs option selection, check the items you want to add.
  2. Click the Update button below.
  3. Go to the top Log menu and verify that the newly added Audit Log Remarks column displays additional information.

Available Columns:

  • Node Name
  • Node Description
  • Hostname
  • Domain
  • DNS
  • Platform
  • Job Title
  • Switch Name
  • Switch Port
  • Sensor Group Name

Generating Node Status Logs

  • Select On or Off for recording node status (Up/Down)

Generating Agent Status Logs

  • Select On or Off for recording Agent status (Running/Inactive)