Searching Logs

Using the Search section you can search for specific information within the logs. You can also use Operators, and Special Characters to assist you in your searches.

  1. Go to Log in the top panel.

In the top of the view pane, configure search parameters from left to right:

  1. Select either Logs, and/ or Status Logs.
  2. Select your desired time period to search.
  3. Select Add filters to configure the following parameters:
    • IP
    • MAC
    • Username
    • Full Name
    • Name
    • Sensor
    • Remarks
    • Description
    • Log Types (Error, Anomaly, Warning, Information)
    • Log ID's (Agent, Authentication, Policy, SSID, System, and many more)
  4. Click Search.


Clicking the "?" next to "Filter" will bring up help options to assist you with using special characters in your searches.