Notify User

You can notify users with informational messages or warnings. The message may be displayed using a slide-out notification, HTML, or redirection to a URL.

Notify User configuration

  1. For Contents for Slide-out Box Notification, add message to be displayed on notification title.
  2. For CWP Page Redirection, if you turn On, reditected to CWP page when user click notification.
    • CWP Page Redirection URL Click Use Template the button to use a template or enter the URL manually
  3. For Enforcing Notification whether to show agent notifications again when they are closed. (On / Off)
    • Notification Message Type : Choose message type (Normal, Warning)
    • Generating Log for User Read Notification : Generating audit log When user checked message (On / Off)

Configure Notify User through Node Policy

  1. Go to Node Policy in the left Policy panel.
  2. Click the Default Policy in Node Policy window.
  3. Find Agent Action section, click Assign.
  4. Find and double click newly created Agent Action. (e.g. Notfiy User)
  5. Click Add.
  6. Click Update.

Configure Notify User through Enforcement Policy

1. Create Group for Enforcement Policy

  1. Go to Policy in the top panel.
  2. Go to Groups> Nodes in the left
  3. Click Tasks > Create
  4. Click the Add button
  5. After setting the condition of the target, click the Add button.
  6. Click the Create button.

2. Create Action for Enforcement Policy

  1. Go to Policy > Enforcement Policy > Agent Action
  2. Click Tasks > Create
  3. Select Notify User plguin on the list.
  4. Click Create button.

3. Create Enforcement Policy

  1. Go to Policy > Enforcement Policy
  2. Click Tasks > Create, Follow Enforcement Policy Wizard
  3. For General tab, Please input ID and click Next button.
  4. For Node Group tab, Please move Node Group you created to Selected
  5. Click Finish button.
  6. Click Apply button on the top right.