Update macOSΒΆ

With this agent action, you can control if the macOS device gets updates and how often. You can also determine the whether to install updates automatically, or just download updates to allow the user to install on their own.

  1. Go to Policy in the top panel.
  2. Go to Policy > Node Policy > Agent Action in the left Policy panel.
  3. Find and click Update macOS in the Agent Action window.

Under General section:

  1. For CWP Message, add message to be displayed in accordance with the Policy.
  2. For Label, add labels to help categorize your plugins with custom labels that appear in the "Description" field.

Under Agent Actions section:

  1. For Boolean Operator, choose AND or OR to add optional conditions.
  2. For Settings, click Add and select your optional conditions. Criteria/Operator/Value

Under Plugin Settings section:

  1. For Execution Interval, specify the time interval to execute an action on a scheduled basis. (hours - months)
  2. For Scheduled Check, turn On to check for updates on a scheduled basis.
  3. For Operation Mode, specify whether to check for updates or to install the updates.
    • Scheduled Installation, specify whether to install the updates on a scheduled basis.
  4. For Restart Options, specify whether to Prompt or Restart.
  5. Click Update.
  6. Go to Node Policy in the left Policy panel.
  7. Click the Default Policy in Node Policy window.
  8. Find Agent Action. Click Assign.
  9. Find Update macOS in the Available section. Select and drag it into the Selected section.
  10. Click Add.
  11. Click Update.