User Account Password Policy

To configure a password policy that applies to end users

For password policies, this is a common policy that sets administrator accounts in addition to end-user accounts equally.

Configure Password Policy

To configure Password Policy for end users:

  1. Enter the following options:
    • Minimum Length - Must be at least 9 Characters.
    • Maximum Length - Is 30 characters.
    • Start with Alphabet - To force password to start with a letter.
    • Uppercase/Lowercase - To force a mixture of Uppercase and Lowercase letters.
    • Repeated Characters - To specify whether or not they are allowed to have repeated characters in a row. i.e. “000, aaa”
    • Numerical or Alphabetical Order - To allow or not allow a numerical or alphabetical order.
    • Regular Expression - To use to validate a password. Enter in Expression and Error message.
    • Username Password Restriction - Passwords will not be able to use usernames.
    • Password Blacklist - Block weak or easily guessed passwords. This will require you to upload a Blacklist file in .txt format.
  2. Click Update