Deploy Files

You can deploy files in Linux by uploading a file to the Policy Server, or providing a download link. Additionally, this agent action allows for actions to be taken after the file is deployed.

  1. Go to Policy in the top panel.
  2. Go to Policy > Node Policy > Agent Action in the left Policy panel.
  3. Find and click Deploy Files in the Agent Action window.

Under General section:

  1. For CWP Message, add message to be displayed in accordance with the Policy.
  2. For Label, add labels to help categorize your plugins with custom labels that appear in the "Description" field.

Under Agent Actions section:

  1. For Boolean Operator, choose AND or OR to add optional conditions.
  2. For Settings, click Add and select your optional conditions. Criteria/Operator/Value

Under Plugin Settings:

  1. Select Upload or URL for the File Deployment Method.

    • Upload: Use the prompt to upload the desired file to the Policy Server.
    • URL: Use the prompt to specify a web address to download the file from.
  2. For Post Deployment Action, select Run File, Download or Install Package.

    Files are deployed to /usr/share/genians/resource by default.

    • Run File: Use the prompt to select an Execution Path + optional file name and a Command Line Parameter for the distributed file. For Execution Account select Root or Logon Account.
    • Download: Use the prompt to specify a Destination Path and optional file name for the distributed file.
    • Install Package: Use the prompt to select an Installation Path
  3. For Execution Interval, adjust Periodic Interval. (Seconds - hours)

  4. Click Update.

  5. Go to Node Policy in the left Policy panel.

  6. Click the Default Policy in Node Policy window.

  7. Find Agent Action. Click Assign.

  8. Find Collect Network Information in the Available section. Select and drag it into the Selected section.

  9. Click Add.

  10. Click Update.