Command Line Interface

Connecting to Command Line Interface

Web Console

For On-Premise Policy Servers Only:

Genian NAC allows you to connect to the CLI for an appliance directly from the Web Console. To connect, navigate to the System tab, and select the Terminal Icon in the IP column of the appliance you want to access. Authenticate with your administrator username and password. If your appliance is using a different admininstrator credential set than your Web Console, you must authenticate in the terminal using the appliance admininstrator credentials.

External Terminal


External SSH access only allowed from Approved IP. See: Initializing the System to add approved remote access sources.

You can connect to the Genians policy server or network sensor from a dedicated SSH client or any command line with SSH support. Any other inbound connection attempts will be denied.

  1. Use standard procedure for your chosen utility to select SSH connection to your Genian policy server or network sensor IP Address.
  2. Log in with Genian NAC Username and password.

CLI Commands

The first connection of the equipment is divided into console mode and shell mode. In console mode, you can check basic system status and support configuration. This document identifies and describes how to use commands in console mode.

Basic Commands

Command Explanation
enable Enables Global Congifuration mode
exit Exits the current mode
help Displays available commands
history Displays a list of past commands used
quit Exits console mode
configure terminal Global mode to set configurations immediately
configure batch Global mode to set configurations after system restarts
clear arp Deletes the system arp entry
clear screen Initializes the display screen
clock set Sets system date and time
do backup Performs a system backup
do cdbackup Performs a system backup to the connected optical disk
do cdrestore Restores the backup file from the connected optical disk
do initdisk Initializes the disk
do restore Restores from a backup file
do cert-reissuance Reissue Certificate
geniup If a Genians Update Server is specified, proceed with the upgrade to the latest Server file
halt Prepare the system power shutdown mode
kill pid Terminates process based on pid
kill pname Terminates process based on the name
ping Generates an ICMP request for IP test to a remote device
reboot Reboots the system
restart system Restarts the OS
shutdown service Terminates the Insights OS service
traceroute Displays the routing path for IP
show Proceed to show command section

Show Commands

Command Explanation
show arp Displays the IP to MAC address mapping
show backup Displays the list of backup files
show configuration Displays the current system configuration
Show cpu Displays the CPU information
show filesystem Displays the file system of the appliance
show hosts Displays a list of hosts
show interface Displays the network interfaces of the appliance
show logging Displays a list of system logging messages
show memory Displays the memory statistics
show processes Displays the current running processes
show route Displays the current configured routes
show sensor Displays a list of sensors. Options: all/active/passive/unknown
show superadmin Displays a list of configured administrator accounts
show time Displays the current system time
show uptime Displays how long system has been up and running
show version Displays the current running system version

Inspecting and Searching Commands

You can view available commands by entering the ? character into a blank terminal.


genian> ?
 exit                 Exit from current mode
 help                 Show available commands
 history              Show a list of previously run commands
 quit                 Exit from the console
 configure            Enter configuration mode
 clear                Clear Operation
 clock                Manage system clock
 disable              Turn off privileged command.
 do                   Do system command
 geniup               Upgrade system software
 halt                 Prepare to Power Shutdown mode
 kill                 Kill
 ping                 Send ICMP echo request
 reboot               Halt and perform a cold restart
 restart              Restart service
 show                 Show system information
 shutdown             Shutdown
 traceroute           Trace route information to destination

You can view the function of a command by entering the ? character after an entered command.


genian> show?
 show                 Show system information

You can view available command modifiers by entering the ? character after an entered command and a blank space.


genian> show ?
 arp                  ARP table
 backup               Database backup list
 configuration        Display the system configuration
 cpu                  Display cpu information
 dataserver           Display database server status
 dhcp                 Display the DHCP server information
 enforcer             Enforcer status and information
 filesystem           Filesystem statistics
 ha                   High Availability status
 hosts                Static host table
 interface            Network interface status and information
 logging              Display system local logging message
 memory               Memory statistics
 nodeinfo             Node status and information
 processes            Active process list
 route                Display system routing table
 superadmin           Display super administrator
 time                 Display the system clock
 uptime               Display system uptime
 version              System hardware and software information