Preferences Settings for Admin Console

You can configure Console with your preferred settings

Web Console

  1. Go to Preferences in the top panel
  2. Go to Preferences > General > Console tab in left panel
    • Console Name, you can set a console name, that name appears on the left side of the sub menu bar and on the tooltip of the Agent icon in the tray menu (Note: You must logout and login again to see the changes for the console name and must run an agent for the agent tooltip.)
    • Tree View Criteria, you can choose either Sensor or Group displayed as a tab in Tree View in the left upper panel and will see the Nodes accordingly
    • Management View Criteria, you can choose either By Node or By Device (This can be configued in View Criteria by clicking a menu button (menu-button) in Node Management page.)
    • Management View, you can choose one of 10 Views (This can be configued in Views by clicking a menu button (menu-button) in Node Management page.)
    • Sorting Tree, you can decide how to sort the tree menu in the left panel of Node Management, Switch Management and WLAN Management
    • Displaying IP Available, you can specify whether to show an IP address not assigned yet
    • Language, Date Format, Time Format, you can set with preferred options
    • Company Logo for Web Console, you can choose On to see its options, Background Color and Image and the default logo in the left top (company-logo) will be replaced with the one you configured
    • Number of Results, you can specify how many rows are displayed in a single page of Node Management. (This can be configued in right top drop-down menu with numbers (node-count), next to Search button, in Node Management page.)
    • Session Timeout, you can set the desired session timeout in seconds
    • Message for Login Page, you can enter a message using html (or plain text also possible option), that message appears on login box login-page-message
    • 2-Step Verification Methods, you must tick the checkbox to enable 2-Step Authentication (Go to Management > User > Administrator tab > find General section) for the administrator's authentication
    • Find Username / Reset Password, you can decide whether to display Find Username / Reset Password for an administrator who forgot his or her username or password. If you choose On, more options, Verification Methods (Text message / Email), Find / Reset Options (Username / Password) and Security Question settings, will appear
    • Exported Dashboard Title, you can set the display title for the document you would export a dashboard to. (Go to Dashboa rd and click Export button on right top to export a dashboard as PDF, DOCX, PPTX)