Controlling Services

If there is an error or problem related to the service provided by the Policy Server, you can restart the services from the UI.

  1. Go to System on the top panel.
  2. Select Service > Control in the System Management item on the left.

Policy Application

If any Network Sensors in the envrionment are not operating according to the policy set on the Policy Server, you can force an application of all policies.

  • Click the Apply button under Apply Policy

Stop / Start Services

You can manually Stop or Start all services provided by the Policy Server, Network Sensors, and Agents.

  • Click the Stop or Start button under The Service is [running / temporarily unavailable]

Restart Web Application

If there is a problem with the web-related services provided by Genian NAC or a need to restart occurs, you can use the web application restart function.

  1. Select Web Console (Policy Server Management interface) or CWP (Captive Web Portal) or IP Request System from the dropdown under Restart Web Application.
  2. Click Restart.