Setting up Outbound Email Server

This function supports Email alerts, and log alerts which are configurable under administrator profiles and log filters.

Setup Email Account

  1. Go to Preferences in the top panel
  2. Go to General > Miscellaneous in the left Preferences panel

Under Email

  1. For Server Address:, type server address (e.g.
  2. For Server Port:, type port number (e.g. SSL=465, TLS/STARTTLS=587)
  3. For Sender Address:, type address for sender (Email Address to be displayed as from)
  4. For Sender Name:, type name of sender (Name to be displayed as from)
  5. For SSL Connection (Turn on if using SSL port)
  6. For Username, type username
  7. For Password, type and re-type password
  8. Click Update
  9. Click Test to test configuration settings and send e-mail