Restrict administrator privileges

You can limit the privileges of administrators, to specific views, devices, and capabilities.

  1. For Node Management Scope, Restriction by specifying node groups, network sensors, and node types
  2. For Node Management Task, restrict the types of operations that can be performed on the Node Management screen
  3. For Node Management View, restrict the selectable views on the Node Management screen
  4. For Node Management Tab, restrict the selectable details tabs of a node
  5. For User Management Scope, restrict departments that the admin can perform user management on
  6. For User Management Task, Restrict the types of actions that can be performed on the User Management screen
  7. For Log Scope, Limit available Log filters in the LOG menu
  8. For Disabling File Export, Restrict File (Excel) Export Functions
  9. For Dashboard Widget, Restrict Dashboard widget features

Create network sensor individual administrator accounts

Set permissions to manage only nodes under a specified network sensor by specifying the network sensor managed by the administrator.
  1. Create an administrator account.
  2. Select the administrator account you created.
  3. Go to the Set Management Rstrictions topic.
  4. Node Management Scope : Select Administration Sensor, click Assign button to assign Network Sensor
  5. Node Management View : Select a Node View and drag it to the right
  6. Click the Modify button at the bottom
  7. Log in with the account you created to verify that only the nodes on the specified network sensor are visible on the Manage Nodes screen.