Shut Down System

You can control the power options (e.g. Sleep, Restart, and Shutdown) and control how long the Windows device stays up and running after it wakes from sleep.

  1. Go to Policy in the top panel.
  2. Go to Policy > Node Policy > Agent Action in the left Policy panel.
  3. Click the desired Policy ID in Node Policy window.
  4. Find and click Control Power Options in the Agent Action window.

Under General section:

  1. For CWP Message, add message to be displayed in accordance with the Policy.
  2. For Label, add labels to help categorize your plugins with custom labels that appear in the "Description" field.

Under Agent Actions section:

  1. For Boolean Operator, choose AND or OR to add optional conditions.
  2. For Settings, click Add and select your optional conditions. Criteria/Operator/Value

Under Plugin Settings section:

  1. For Power Control Action, specify how to control the power of the device. (Sleep, Restart, Shutdown)
  2. For Disable abort-shutdown, toggle On or Off to select if the endpoint user can abort the shutdown.
  3. For Waiting time, adjust the time to delay applying the policy after user input. (Seconds - hours)
  4. For Uptime for Power Control, specify how long after computer awakening to execute the power control action.
  5. For Show Title bar, toggle On or Off to select if the message box title bar will be displayed.
  6. For Message Contents, specify the message contents, text and height. You can use HTML formatting and macros to display information from Genians.
  7. For Execution Interval, adjust Periodic Interval. (Seconds - months)
  8. Click Update.