Configuring GenianSyncer Software

GenianSyncer Software is designed to get Microsoft Updates and Patches from Microsoft website and sync with a Policy Server that cannot access the internet. GenianSyncer Software gets installed on a Windows machine to be able to download Microsoft Updates and Patches from the Microsoft website and be used as an internal repository. You can then set up the Policy Server to periodically sync with the Windows Machine to proxy to endpoint devices using the “Update Windows” Agent Action.

To Download and Install GenianSyncer Software

  1. Contact Genians to get GenianSyncer Software.

  2. Download

  3. Unzip

  4. Run GenianSyncer.exe. (New dialog window will appear)

  5. Click Get Started in new GenianSyncer dialog window. (New dialog window will appear)

  6. Enter Policy Server Address.

  7. Update Options. (You can specify Classifications and Products to narrow down the scope of the files you will download)

  8. Specify a folder to Download to by clicking the three dotted icon.

  9. Click Register License to activate a GenianSyncer.

    • Download. (e.g. C:#Program Files [x86]#Geni#GenianSyncer)

    • Click Upload License File.

    • Select License.

    • Enter Genian Data URL. (e.g.

      • How To Find Genian URL?
      • Login to Policy Server CLI.
      • cat /disk/data/system/logs/centerd | grep (e.g.
      • Copy this URL into Genian Data URL.
      • Exit Policy Server CLI.
    • Select Speed option. (You can limit the upload or download speed by specifying the Maximum speed)

    • Click OK. (New dialog window will appear)

  10. Click Download From Policy Server to access the Policy Server.

  11. Enter a Policy Server IP Address or Hostname. Then enter Username and Password and click OK.

  12. Click on Download From Internet to download the files from Microsoft. (This must be done upon the first time of setting this up)

  13. Click Upload To Policy Server to upload the updates and patch files to the Policy Server.

  14. Enter a Policy Server IP Address or Hostname. Then enter Username and Password and click OK.

  15. No uploaded files found (If “No uploaded files found. Would you like to upload the GENIAN DATA?”) Click **OK.*

  16. Click OK when files have been uploaded to the Policy Server successfully.

To Verify Updates and Patches Uploaded Successfully

  1. Go to Policy in the top panel.
  2. Go to Node Policy > Agent Action > Windows Update in the left Policy panel.
  3. Click the desired Update name in Windows Update Settings window.
  4. Find and click Update tab. (You will see the new Updates and Patches)

To Configure Update Service Settings

(This is instructing the Agent to look for the Updates and Patches from the Policy Server versus the internet)

  1. Go to Preferences in the top panel.
  2. Go to General > Agent > Update Service in the left Preferences panel.
  3. Find Windows Update: Check for Updates section. Select Local Repository.
  4. Click Update.

To Configure Appliance Settings

(This is instructing the Policy Server to Proxy Updates and Patches to Agents)

  1. Go to System in the top panel.
  2. Go to System, click Policy Server IP Address > Appliance tab.
  3. Find Proxy for Windows Updates section. Select On to Proxy Services.
  4. Click Update.