Change Network Sensor Interface Type


Many common issues can be resolved by rebooting the appliance, which reloads your configurations, and purges outdated settings. After verifying configurations, rebooting is a good next step in troubleshooting.

Changing the network configuration may change the interface type of the network sensor from the access port to the trunk port, or vice versa. This chapter describes how to change the sensor interface type.

Access Port to Trunk Port

First, ensure the Genians Network Sensor is connected to a properly configured .1q trunk port. See "VLANs" in Preparing Network

Check existing interface configuration and save existing config. If there are any settings other than IP or Gateway on the interface you want to change, you must transfer the settings to the new interface.


This example assumes that the physical interface is eth0.

genian# show config
interface eth0 address
interface eth0 gateway
interface eth0 management-server enable
interface eth0 node-server enable
interface eth0 radius-server enable

Create VLAN interface on physical interface

genian(config)# interface eth0 vlan 10,20,30-35                  // Replace by your VLAN IDs separated by comma or hyphen

If your trunk port has a native VLAN, eth0 will be the native VLAN. any other VLAN interface name will be ethX.VLANID. If you don't have the native VLAN, You should delete eth0 interface settings.

genian(config)# no interface eth0 address X.X.X.X X.X.X.X
genian(config)# no interface eth0 gateway X.X.X.X
genian(config)# no interface eth0 management-server enable       // Optional
genian(config)# no interface eth0 node-server enable             // Optional
genian(config)# no interface eth0 radius-server enable           // Optional

Setup static IP of VLAN interface and Gateway

genian(config)# interface eth0.10 address X.X.X.X X.X.X.X
genian(config)# interface eth0.10 gateway X.X.X.X

Or setup DHCP (In case not using static IP)

genian(config)# interface eth0.10 dhcp enable

Restore other config for Management interface (Optional)

genian(config)# interface eth0 management-server enable
genian(config)# interface eth0 node-server enable
genian(config)# interface eth0 radius-server enable

Make sure all VLAN interfaces are properly setup ether static IP or DHCP.

To configure running network sensor on VLAN interface:

  1. Login to administrator Web UI and go to System menu
  2. Click Network Sensor IP and go to Sensor tab
  3. Click interface name
  4. Change Sensor Mode from Inactive to Host
  5. Click Update on bottom

When an interface is removed from the CLI settings, any sensors or nodes that were registered in the management console are not automatically deleted. To delete a sensor that no longer exists and the node it detects, follow these steps:

  1. Goto System menu
  2. Select System > Sensor on left panel
  3. Click IP on desired sensor (You can identified by interface name on hostname column)
  4. Click Delete on bottom

Trunk Port to Access Port

Delete VLAN

genian(config)# no interface eth0 vlan 10,20,30-35  // Replace by your VLAN IDs separated by comma or hypen

Delete all VLAN interface settings

genian(config)# interface eth0.X address X.X.X.X
genian(config)# interface eth0.X gateway X.X.X.X

Setup eth0 address, gateway and other settings