Setting Property Values for IP Request Purposes

The IP Request System can be used for asset and user management in environments where IP's are statically assigned, or where additional oversight to IP assignment is need.

You can change the request input according to the purpose to receive additional information, or change the administrator's approval method to grant approval to non-administrators.

The items that can be set in the application are divided into the application approval method, processing option, and application information input.

The purpose of IP request can be set for IP request, IP Return, Device Change, and User Change, and each item provides the following functions.

  1. Go to Preferences in the top panel.
  2. Select Purpose > Request from the Properties column on the left.
  3. Select one of IP request, IP Return, Device Change, or User Change according to the purpose of creation.
  4. Select Create in the task item.
Item Explanation
IP Request Request to be assigned an IP and can be set for multiple purposes.
IP Return Requesst to Return IP (remove association between the IP and the User/Device associated).
Device Change Request to change which MAC is approved to use a specific IP.
User Change Request to change user account is approved to use an IP.

Setting the Approval Method for IP Request Purposes

This is to set the approval method for IP request. Approval authority is granted to non-administrators by setting the approval method.

You can select one approval method from the following:

Method Explanation
Instant Approval No separate request approval, all requests are granted automatically.
Email Approval + Instant Approval Approval occurs after the request email is answered.
Email Approval After the request email is answered, additional administrator approval is required.

IP Request Approval Settings

You can specify the processing method according to the purpose in the IP request item.

Method Explanation
IPAM Policy for Request IPAM policy (Allow) is applied when request is apporved.
IP host number (Range Start) Set the first IP number in the IP band that can be assigned an IP
IP host number (Range End) Set the last IP number in the IP band that can be assigned an IP
Authentication for IP User Set limits on which users can use the assigned IP
Hostname Rule Set hostname requirements for which devices can use the IP
Updating Department IP Ownership When applying for IP use on a department-based basis, change the ownership department assigned to the existing IP
IP Request with Denied MAC Delete existing node registered with the same MAC when request is approved
Node Group Specify which User Groups can use the IP
User Group Specify which User Groups can use the IP

Request Field Options

Request Field Options allows you to set items created by Request in custom fields. It is possible to collect any value input from the user rather than the IP request input information defined through the custom field.

For custom field related parts, please refer to Using custom fields to enter additional information in IP requests.