Setting Property Values for User Purposes

You can change the request inputs according to the purpose so that the user can receive additional information or change the request approval method to grant approval rights to non-administrators.

The items that can be set in user purpose are divided into request processing options, application information input in request, and account information input in request.

  1. Go to Preferences in the top panel.
  2. In the left Properties column, select Purpose > User .
  3. Select Create in the task menu.

User Request Processing Options

The request processing option sets the approval method for the request.

You can select one approval method from the following:

Method Explanation
Approval using the Approval menu Only Administrator Account with approval authority can approve requests
Email Approval Approval authority can be subdivided into Administrator and Applicant (objects with user accounts)
Instant Approval No separate request approval, all requests are granted automatically.

Enter Request Field

Request Field can be set to use the items defined in Genian NAC. Through the Request Field item, the purpose of use and period of use can be received from the applicant, and the item to receive the request approval result can be specified.

Field Usage
Description(Reason) Request input the reason for applying for a user account.
Mobile Notification (AlarmMoblie) Requests the applicants Mobile Phone #, which can be used for approval notification (SMS settings required)
Expiry(UserUsePeriodDate) The applicant can set the validity period for the user account they are requesting.
Email(AlarmEmail) Requests the applicants Email Address, which can be used for approval notification (Mail Server settings required)

Enter User Information Field

User Information Field can collect items defined as account information and values ​​defined through custom fields as input from users.

For custom field related parts, please refer to Using custom fields to enter additional information to account.